Three very good friends who shared the same passion for motorbikes started this crazy idea! We got together few years ago only with the intent of having fun with "polishing up " some old classic scooters and bike after business hours not realising where may take us.
The constant drive to improvise, the passion for scooters and bikes and not mention the special bond of friendship that we have, has brought us this far where were one of the specialized successful scooter business in Australia.
The other factor which no doubt contribute our success story is the fact that we were all born and raised in Italy which certainly brings our skill up to another level of quality, precision , performance and most definitely in fine food and beautiful women .....which could only mean you're in the one and only place ... "a warm welcome to you from the Vespa Shop!". In a good day we speak English too!

5 commandments that we strictly follow:

  • bikes must  be loud, uncomfortable and extremely fast.
  • only passengers with big breast are allowed.
  • throttle must  be open all times.
  • rear tyres can be changed as often but the front tyre must to be new.
  • it is never a good morning without an espresso!

Who you are going to deal with:

Position: Chief/Barista
Primary ride: Vespa GS 160
Secondary ride: MV Augusta F4

Ivo is still being chased from the Italian Carabinieri in Rome after constantly parking his yellow  Vespa vertically against the cafe's wall where he used to go for breakfast  every morning.
With more than 25 years in wrought iron fabrication, Ivo can really make your old scooter shine like new. Body work and paint job are his favourites as he is a perfectionist.

Position: Mechanic/Soft touch debt collector
Primary ride: Vespa PX 200
Secondary ride: Aprilia Pegaso

Originally from Modena, Bestia started  his carrier in a  Piaggio workshop , after he  became a Lamborghini Motori mechanic for more than ten years, this says it all... engines are part of his DNA ! A true biker, he never missed an Elefantentreffen, one of the hardest bike winter rally in Germany. Leave it to him and you will be ready to race....

Position: Showcase mastermid/Con artist
Primary ride: Vespa 50 Special
Secondary ride: Ducati Monster S4R

Caio managed to sell his 225cc full race tuned Vespa PX to a motorcycle driving school and was successful in  making them believe that "it was a safe ride for learners",  Designer by trade and originally from Milan he is always keen to find a better look for your scooter and make it more appealing for the cafe' strip...particularly  for the ladies.